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Baoshun was founded in April 2003. It mainly focuses on further processing of coal tar, benzene hydrogenation and fine chemicals. The Groups headquarter is located in Anyang, with three manufacture plants located in Anyang, Juye Fukang and the operation center in Shanghai. The total revenue of the Group is 3 billion RMB (around 500 million USD) in 2014.

At present, our installation capacity is as follows: coal tar distillation 1,050,000 t/a, benzene hydrogenation 100,000 t/a, anthracene oil hydrogenation 100,000 t/a, wash oil processing 20,000 t/a, crude phenol processing 3,000 t/a. Baoshun is the largest coal tar refinery in China. We have been investing a lot in the R&D in order to keep our sustained competitiveness. We established Coal Tar Deep Processing Engineering Technology Research Center of Henan, Postdoctoral Workstation, and set up the two R&D centers with Tianjin University and Dalian University of Technology respectively, and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Sinopec Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals.

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