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  •     Specializing in coal tar deep processing technology research and development and industrial production of Po Shun always adhere to scientific and technological innovation and progress-oriented。

Introduction of product

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  • Modified coal tar pi...
  • Binder of the carbon materials, such as pre-baked anode and graphite anode
  • Crude naphthalene
  • It mainly used for making PA, refined naphthalene and surfactants etc.
  • Carbon black oil
  • It mainly used for making carbon black, which acts as the strength -increasing agent of rubbers
  • β-methynaphthalene
  • It mainly used for producing vitamin K3.
  • Fluorene
  • It mainly used for producing fluorenone, 9-fluorenol
  • Mixed methylnaphthal...
  • It mainly used for producing dispersing agent and α-methylnaphthalene etc.
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